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The m2 is the most popular driver on tour, and with good reason, it offers unparalleled distance and forgiveness. The winning clubs tiger woods has used for all five of his. Id be very surprised if there are any tour players still using steel shafts on their woods i did actually see tiger with a steel shaft on a driver during a clinic in 2002. Ive just recently changed all my iron shafts from steel to graphite 60g. Nippon ns pro 950 fairway wood and driver steel shaft. He went on to capture his 80thprofessional win at the 2018 tour championship, claim a fifth green jacket and tie the record for the most alltime victories on the pga tour. Taking a look at popular driver shafts on the pga tour. As golfers begin their journey with these precisionengineered clubs, they will be treated to an immersive unboxing experience. Constructed from premium materials, every detail of the p7tw box has been carefully considered to unveil these irons in a way that pays tribute to the heartfelt collaboration of tiger woods and taylormade golf. Tiger woods switches taylormade m3 driver shaft at the. Taylormade in 2017, tiger worked handinhand with the engineering team to develop the acclaimed p7tw irons.

However, it is also much heavier than the titanium found in modern drivers. You should look at cutting down your driver, or using a heavier graphite shaft for control instead of using a steel shaft. Custom nike prototype 56 and 60 wedges with dynamic gold s400 shafts. Whenever he goes to a longer, lighter shaft, he misses more fairways than he hits. Graphite shafts own the driver, fairway wood and hybrid markets where lightweight graphite can provide additional distance but heavier steel iron shafts provide balance, feel, consistency, distance control, durability and cost effectiveness. Woods masters career has also seen players go from drivers in the 260 cubiccentimeter range to 460 ccs, and in woods case, the move from steel to graphite shafts in metalwoods.

Woods, who goes in search of a 15th career major and fifth green jacket at augusta national, has switched from an mca tensei white tx to an mca tensei orange tx shaft in his taylormade m3 driver. Players with slower swings typically choose shafts with progressively more flex, which. Note the top of the bag changes dependent on the course and conditions. The average driver length for all the other pros on the pga tour today is 44. Because there are good reasons to consider trying out a steel shaft. Buy steel golf shafts and true temper golf shafts monark. It used to be that many of these players complained that every. Tiger woods driver is probably one of the most talked about golf.

Nine times out of 10, this method works well, but you still need to be comfortable hitting with whichever shaft you choose. The swing speed is the main consideration in selecting a driver shaft. Tiger woods driver in 1997 was a king cobra deep face with a steel shaft. Woods briefly switched into a fujikura driver shaft, and a grafalloy made for tiger woods prototype, before settling into a mitsubishi diamana 83gram shaft. Selecting my favorite 14club setup from tiger woods equipment. The ld shaft is the best shaft option for those who would tiger pro cue shaft is by far the best super low. There is not a clearcut answer because both have advantages and disadvantages. The mitsubishi rayon shaft is not an available addon, but the adila rogue silver produces very similar.

Make offer tiger woods nike golf learning system eagle silver height 5966 golf club set nike golf jr. Asked in tiger woods what golf clubs did tiger woods start his pro career with. So, tiger moved from a nike vapor speed with a matrix ozik shaft to the m2 with a mitsubishi rayon tensei ck pro white 70tx. They do this because a stiff shaft gives them more control over the clubhead throughout the swing. Woods explained that he used to use a 43inch steel shaft on his driver and could produce clubhead speed of about 126 mph. Stiff shafts for irons but regular shaft for driver. Steel shaft in the driver toronto golf nuts greater. The deep face satin steel look of the titleist pt made it easy to recognize, and from a design perspective in an era of quickly evolving technology in fairway woods tiger, much like with the 975d. Afternoons with mr hoganjody vasquez really fun read you should swing the most flexible shaft you can control tiger woods used. Tiger woods made a secret equipment change that nobody noticed. Tiger woods witb for 2017 tigers bag for the hero world.

Most instructors and golfers alike consider tiger woods setup to be the model for athleticism and balance. Tiger has been used to playing a steel shafted driver at a 43 and one half inch length. Monark golf offers a complete line of steel golf shafts from the industrys top shaft manufacturers such as true temper, project x, nippon steel shafts, kbs and fst steel iron shafts. Graphite shaft dominates on the best shaft for drivers while steel usually for iron the shaft is considered as the engine of the modern clubhead. But look at the difference between a steel and a graphite shaft. Custom scotty cameron 303 gss newport 2 with blacked out ping pingman grip. In almost all cases, your driver and fairway woods will have graphite shafts.

The top10 biggest equipment changes of tiger woods. Brent kelley is an awardwinning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. Tiger woods testing new driver shaft, loft at northern. The shorter length and heavier weight of the steel shaft fits his swing and makes him much more consistent. Top end graphite shafts have gotten so much better theres just no reason for pros not to use them anymore. For anyone now questioning the above, tiger cracked too many of his vr limited edition woods so he had to change, and also a version 5 of the covert driver has been added to the line up. I took my current driver, which is the titleist d3 8. As with every type of golf equipment, the key is to try out both kinds and determine which type best fits your swing. Ive had a lot of success with having the same shaft in my driver and 3 wood i play a 16.

There are no steel driver shafts on the pga tour, yet almost every player on the tour uses steel shafts in his irons. Tiger woods is testing new loft settings and shafts for his taylormade driver and fairway wood to improve accuracy at the northern trust. Tiger woods hypotheticals are some of my favorite conversations to. Going to steel is possible in the modern drivers but it make about as much sense as trying to convert your new hybrid car to steam power. Why offer steel wood shafts, when most fairway woods and nearly all drivers use graphite wood shafts.

Besides brand name steel shafts, we are also stocking up. He has higher lofts, shorter lengths and heavier shafts because he wants control over his ball flight. Driver length creep may be why you cant hit your driver. Stronger players with faster swings typically elect to use stiffer shafts, for example. The status quo has always been that professionals and lowhandicap golfers use steel shafts, while amateurs and beginners benefit more from graphite shafts. Generally driver shafts are the same as fairway wood shafts, meaning it is one shaft at raw length and is then butt trimmed to play at a specific length depending on the club. Kbs has done amazing things with steel shafts and unlike the curtain rods of old the newer steel shaft designs can add extra kick like a graphite, but when you talk about graphite shafts you have shaft torque, or. If he could hit the ball straight with a 45 inch clubhe would. The top10 biggest equipment changes of tiger woods career.

This is a better version of any conventional solid maple tiger ld cue shafts. He now uses a longer, lighter shaft in his driver, which helps produce. Unless you are a huge hitter and average about 300 yards on your drives, stay away from extrastiff shafts. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a tiger woods equipment change. The status quo has always been that professionals and low. In fact, testing shows an inch of extra shaft length equals roughly 10 yards in distance. Golf clubs he used to win record 82 pga tour titles. Tiger woods at the 2017 hero world challenge, using a taylormade driver and wearing nike apparel. And he knows if he did use a longer driver, hed have even more trouble keeping it in play. All the way back in 2004, tiger woods switched from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft in his driver most pros made that switch even earlier. Woods has used a taylormade m3 driver and fairway wood throughout the 201718 season.

The base model of the m5 is a 2019 hot list gold winner for golf drivers by golf digest. But getting tiger woods back on board he added the shaft to his driver, 3wood and 5wood during the playoffs after a brief hiatus is the kind of bump thats worth watching. Woods briefly switched into a fujikura driver shaft, and a grafalloy. Tiger woods is a man of steel, but that doesnt mean you should be. Cubangetty images the driver was made from 174 stainless steel, a material that is commonly used in fairway woods and irons today because it is strong. The shaft is the long tube that connects the golfers hands to the clubhead. For example, try giving a heavy, steel shaft driver to a player with a swing speed of 70 mph and watch the low duds fly and theyll all be in the same direction. As driver head volume grew to over 400cc in the early 2000s, tiger was reluctant to switch and used the 975d all the way until the 2002 season when he finally switched to a nike forged titanium. Take a trip down memory lane to see what the 15time major champion.

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