Lomo anamorphic adapter for iphone

Evan talks about s set of vintage lomo square front anamorphic lenses. As a filmmaker, taylor has traveled around the world and embarked on several projects, even shooting this ferrari vignette with gear patrol. Front focusing group for cineovision nipponscope jdc anamorphic shiga. It also includes a semiuniversal phone mount for use on various cell phone mobile devices that use the filmic pro video app. Moondog labs is kickstarting its anamorphic adapter lens for iphone 55s that will allow iphoneographers to capture a widescreen video or still when shooting in a standard aspect ratio. When i first popped the lens on my iphone xs, the lens cropped my wide angle camera. Get the best deal for anamorphic camera lenses from the largest online selection at. Sandmarc anamorphic lens adapter for iphones cinema5d. From essentials for iphones to accessories for macbooks and imacs. We believe there are stories best told with an anamorphic aesthetic, so we have developed an affordable 1. The moment anamorphic lens is the holy grail of mobile filmmaking. Moondog labs anamorphic adapter is, in my opinion, the best smartphone lens out there. These 2x squeeze lenses are rented in a 3 lens kit with 35, 50.

A better solution is likely one of those old lomo anamorphic projector adapters that often pop up on ebay. Were incredibly excited to be working with moondog labs to develop the software solution for. If youve been working with an anamorphic lens adapter for your smartphone videos, you will have come across a thing called desqueeze. Which brings us to the anamorphic adapter lens for the iphone 5s, from moondog labs. Hi emm, thanks so much for your videos, theyre really indepth and helpful.

Movies shot on an iphone and generally shooting with an anamorphic lens adapter on a smartphone is not something new. But if youve just received your anamorphic lens and are confused by the desqueeze process, this article will help give you some starter tips. With the release a couple of months ago of the iphone 11 pro max and 11 pro that features three builtin cameras and an even better video quality compared to the previous generations, the results you can get with this 1. A zoom lens is a bit more versatile than a prime one is. By using a lens, you can keep your devices full resolution while changing the aspect ratio, with only simple desqueezing required in postproduction. Lomo anamorphic accessories arent just for one type of camera. Save lomo lens anamorphic to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. Encinema slr lens adapter kit mark ii for iphone and. While you can crop a video or image to fit a widescreen format by cropping horizontally, you.

You can use an anamorphic accessory with a 35mm camera. Lenses will function in manual mode there are no automatic lens functions. While many have tried to match the quality of the moondog labs lens since, i still believe it to be the best available. Home of the original iphone slr lens adapter, the encinema 35mm. Back in 2014, moondog labs ran a successful kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce their now near legendary 1. The team at sandmarc is moving fast, and earlier this year, we already reported about their anamorphic lens for iphones. Create compelling widescreen films and photographs with your iphone. In this episode we talk making anamorphic iphone movie magic. Lomo anamorphic square front 35mm lens test youtube. Moondog labs has brought anamorphic filmmaking to the iphone. Adapter to mount lomo anamorphic attachment 35nap on m77x0.

I ordered 4 replacement mountssleeves from a vendor in st petersburg. Moment anamorphic lens for iphone, pixel and galaxy phones. This adapter includes a native canon eosef mount or an optional nikon lens converter so you can use both canon ef and nikon lenses. Anamorphic lenses were first used in the 1950s, bringing a widescreen look to films shots on 35mm stock. One thing im having trouble figuring out online is the battery life of these iphone gimbals. Whats more, we also have 5 special lens kits that let you shoot around corners, take videos in 360 degrees, etc. If you found these tips helpful, please consider leaving a tip.

Tangerine director has mixed feelings about iphone film. Lomo anamorphic lenses come in a variety of options that range from f3. Its the first and so far only lens attachment that i will actually use. Though shooting with anamorphic lenses isnt anything new, the aesthetic it produces, the dimentionality and oval bokeh, has become more and more popular among independent filmmakers.

They work with a variety of tech types, so select the right gear to complement your camera. Crafted from bestinclass optical glass and highgrade aluminum, capture your moment with the only mobile photography lens kit with a. Below is a clip from one of momos official selections. I write this, having had experience with everything from canon to sony to panasonic to red to arri digital cinema cameras. The anamorphic lens gives you a true cinematic widescreen look. I searched and searched through the directions to see if i was mounting it. Unfortunately, lenses and adapters are often too expensive for indies to utilize them unless of course youre a smartphone filmmaker. During a recent chat with taylor, who currently lives in new york, we found out that he purchased a lomo anamorphic lens and it was hard as hell to get read. A beastgrip anamorphic lens for smartphones by jose. Since very few information about lomo anamorphic lenses. We recommend using the primary 26mm camera with your dof adapter mk2 or lenses for the best results it has the best sensor out of the three. For example, we previously reported about the moment anamorphic adapter this time, the american company sandmarc released a new 1.

Get the best deals on anamorphic adapter when you shop the largest online selection at. Shot on iphone 5s with filmic pro and the camera app. However, due to the complexity and expense of the optics involved, anamorphic lenses are not readily available to most independent filmmakers. Freefly systems movi cinema robot smartphone stabilizer. Moondog labs, based out of rochester, ny, has developed an.

Hope this helps any fcpx editors that find themselves with anamorphic footage. I have a small set of 2 piece lomo anamorphics but only in 35, 60 and 75mm so the old delft adapter works on the 28 and 5mm although i havent tried it on the 300mmthere are other 16mm anamorphic adapters out there as well, sankor makes one as does iscomorphotiscomorphot, elmo, kowa and others. Sandmarc lenses and filters for iphone 11 pro max, 11 pro. Took my new moondog labs anamorphic adapter for the iphone 55s around san francisco for the frozen sing along. Beastgrip used kickstarter three times, first with a universal lens adapter and rig system for iphone, android or windows phones, then with the beastgrip pro, presented as the most versatile lens adapter and rig system for phoneographers, and now with the beastgrip dof adapter mk2 and pro series 1. Lomo anamorphic lenses set of 5 35mm lomo anamorphic 2. In 2014, moondog labs recognized the opportunity created by improvements in mobile device cameras, and created the first affordable anamorphic lens. Why you need this ultimate lomo anamorphic lens gear patrol. Adapter to mount lomo anamorphic attachment 35nap on m65x1 helicoid. Vidatlantic media productions specializing in anamorphic lens and accessories. To gain a true anamorphic image you need to record onto a 4. How to desqueeze anamorphic video for iphone or android.

Of course you can simply crop the frame to create a widescreen look, but youll lose image resolution. In this video we go through a few tests on the vintage lomo anamorphic square front 35mm. This type works with varied types of photography and images, and photographers who shoot many different types of images, such as portraits, landscapes, sports, etc. The anamorphic look is normally the preserve of bigbudget hollywood films but moondog labs clipon iphone lens delivers a walletfriendly alternative. Their team, including founders scott cahall and julie. I recently got my moondog labs anamorphic adapter for iphone, but i never knew how to desqueeze the footage. Get the best deals on anamorphic adapter when you shop the largest. Robot attack, shot on an iphone using a moondog labs anamorphic lens adapter.

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